Xbox Series X top ventilation (source: Microsoft)

Microsoft reportedly launching its cheaper Xbox Series S model in August 

Microsoft's second model of the next-generation console is expected to be called "Xbox Series X" and is reportedly launching in August.

Microsoft is gearing up to launch a second model of the next generation of its Xbox console in August, and it’ll be known as the Xbox Series S. According to a new report from Eurogamer (via The Verge) reports the company originally considered to reveal the cheaper and less powerful model of the console in June, but now the plan has shifted to August 2020. 

Also, a recently leaked internal document revealed that the Xbox Series X devkit (codenamed “Dante”) has an option to enable a special mode to test games locking the performance that Microsoft wants to obtain with this second model, codenamed “Lockhart” further confirming the existence of the console. 

The Verge also claims that the Xbox Series S console will have the same processor speed as the Xbox Series X, but the “S” model will only ship with 7.5GB of usable memory, and it’s expected to deliver close to four teraflops of graphics performance. In contrastthe “X” model features 13.5GB of usable memory and up to 12 teraflops of graphics performance.

Furthermore, it is said that the cheaper variant of the new Xbox console will be targeted at 1080p and 1440p displays. 

The Xbox Series S (Lockhart) is expected to launch sometime in August, and while the pricing is still unknown, it should be affordable, since the console is expected not to include a disc drive, and it’ll primarily be marketed with the Xbox All Access subscription.