Xbox Series X console (source: Microsoft)
Quick resume

Xbox Series X will resume games after reboot

The quick resume feature on Xbox Series X will resume games even after restarting the console.

Microsoft already made public many of the technical specifications for the Xbox Series X console, and now, the company is sharing some additional details about the new quick resume feature .

During a podcast (via The Verge), the Director of Programming for the Microsoft gaming network Xbox Live, Larry Hryb, unveiled that the quick resume feature will allow to resume games even after a console reboot.

Xbox One already has a similar feature, but on the Series X, you’ll be able to resume multiple games no matter if you’re switching games, resuming from standby, or restarting the console.

According to Larry, the new feature will come in handy to remove some of the friction getting back to a game after a dashboard update, and it’ll even be a useful feature for users with the habit to turn off the console completely.

In addition, Microsoft’s director of Xbox program management, Jason Ronald, also revealed that the Xbox Series X console will support “audio ray tracing,” which is a spatial audio for a more immersive experience during gameplay. Although the company isn’t sharing a lot of details about the new audio experience, we may hear more about the dedicated hardware-acceleration for spatial audio during the Game Developers Conference happening in the coming weeks.