Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus group shot

How to fix iOS 8.0.1 Touch ID and cell service issues on iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus (step by step)

Apple’s iOS 8.0.1 may just got released, but instead of fixing and improving the operating system, many iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users, short after installing the update, found out problems with cellular connections for those on multiple networks. Issues that didn’t get solved by typical troubleshooting steps like restarting, toggling airplane mode, and […]

Surface Pro 3 overheating issue

Finding a fix to Surface Pro 3 overheating issue

Just a few weeks after Microsoft finally made available the Core i3 and Core i7 models of its Surface Pro 3 tablet, many consumers started reporting an overheating issue. And it’s becoming clear that is not one or two isolated incidents, as users are reporting their tablets get extremely hot and as a result users are […]

Apple OS X Yosemite on Surface Pro 3

How to download OS X Yosemite for free from Apple

Like Microsoft does with pre-releases versions of Windows, Apple is also allowing customers to take part of the beta program for OS X Yosemite, its new operating system. Starting today, July 24, anyone, even with a Windows PC, can register and download OS X Yosemite preview from Apple for free. Getting the preview is quite […]