Windows Blue build 9364 leaked, reveals new Snap view, smaller live tiles and enhancements

win blue personalization

As expected a new pre-public version of Windows Blue (build 9364) has leaked online and it’s available for download in many sites around the web. This new version of Windows reveals a handful of features that are coming in the next big Microsoft Windows 8 update.

The early build of Blue images and videos circulating around the web suggest that the folks at Redmond are incorporating smaller live tiles (and even larger) to the Start screen, in addition to two tile sizes already present in the OS, more control on the personalization options such as, choosing virtually any background and accent color, and a few other enhancements.

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Probably one of the most significant UI changes in Windows Blue build 9364 is that users will be able to use Snap view with two modern apps splitting the screen in half for each app, very similar to the desktop version of snap.

Blue will also include a few new Windows 8 apps: Calculate, Sound Recorder, Movie Moments and Alarms. And there is a new Apps settings section that allows to change apps and information on apps sizes.

The Windows 8 Charms are also being refreshed. The Devices Charm now includes a new “Play” feature, and the Share Charm will allow users to quickly share an image file with other apps.


We also know that Internet Explorer 11 will come included in Blue, but we have yet to see new improvements.

Windows Blue (9364.0.FBL_PARTNER_OUT13.130315-2105_X86FRE_CLIENT) isn’t the final version, but it shows that the next Microsoft major update for Windows 8 is not ordinary and it will bring many changes to the OS. A public preview will be available in a few months, with a final version released before the end of the year.

Source Winforum via The Verge


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  • Calife

    Do you still need 3-4 actions/clicks to shut this thing down?

    • doctorventure

      You will be required to do the Harlem shuffle in front of a Microsoft Kinect.

    • Bengie25

      Press your power button or better yet, leave your computer on. Mine runs 24/7.

      • Calife

        It’s for a 70+ year old neighbor who just got a Vaio T with W8. I did reconfigure his Power button to shutdown but before that, we did 1) right-edge swipe 2) Click power icon 3) Choose shutdown from list..
        To me this is like going backwards.Even reconnecting a previously paired bluetooth headset is a long twisted hassle. What a mess!

        • Phillip Haydon

          Except your 70yo neighbor isn’t part of the ever growing “always connected” generation which is obviously what MS is looking at. Windows 8 is always connected, lock screen + notifications. Across all devices. Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop.

    • Justin Wennersten

      CTRL ALT DEL then bottom right corner menu has a shutdown. keypress + 2 clicks I guess still counts as 3…

    • TheBaseballGods

      pulling the power plug works great too

  • Knowbody

    What would make Windows Blue even better is if they remove all this Metro crap. Leave it to tablets, and out of the desktop.

  • Nathan Hubbard

    Wow, I’m amazed that they didn’t try to actually address things most people hate about Windows 8. Maybe later builds will show some actual improvements to the interface.

  • TheBaseballGods

    guess Microsoft still didn’t get the message, Metro is really bad, as a developer I can not do anything efficient with it, so now I use Linux and not Windows at all. Since I can also do everything else but gaming on Linux I can not see any reason to buy a bad metro ui just for games, would rather buy an overpriced playstation 4 than Metro

    • yue

      Steam is on Linux now, soon Linux will have many more games and hopefully more triple A titles will be released for Linux.

  • cory78

    Great! Windows 8 is killing Microsoft and the whole PC industry, and all they roll out is a facelift. Useful to accelerate sinking MS boat, as definitive proof Steve Ballmer has no clue how to run an IT business.

  • supa supimpa

    Uhn… multiple desktops? Hello, Microsoft? When-da-fuck are we gonna have multiple desktops? Yes, I got two monitors. And three at work. But nothing better than Linux to spread my apps on 4 desktops at a time.

  • Guest

    Snap view? Kinda like how the Metro screen can be divided into quarters right now?

    • KK m

      Not quarters, its 70/30, and you can run apps up to 25/25/25/25 now. And they have full functionality as if it is in full screen (well, most of the time).

  • Technoblogical

    Snap View? Is that like the feature currently in Windows 8 that can divide the screen into quarters?

    • Mauro

      Yes! Well, actually 70 / 30, but in Windows Blue users will be able to do 50 /50 or 30 / 30 /30 with a third app.


  • 50295

    Still not impressed.

  • KK m

    Anybody figure out how to use the freaking Windows Store!? I’m waiting to get some app updates as well as waiting for the final version of Windows 8.1.