Get the best Windows themes, wallpapers, and decorations for your Windows 10 desktop.

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Waterdrops theme for Windows

Waterdrops theme for Windows (download)

Photographer J. P. Peter captured some good looking waterdrops that will accompany you throughout this week. Your desktop background is ...

Wolves theme for Windows

Wolves theme for Windows (download)

Your desktop computer background will be graced by the images of magnificent wolves when you download this new theme this week. Dave ...

Bubbles theme for Windows

Bubbles theme for Windows (download)

Fun couldn’t get any closer to you this week! Download Bubbles theme free for Windows, a collection of wallpapers for your ...

Grow theme for Windows

Grow theme for Windows (download)

This week’s theme it’s all about ribbons of lights. Arash Asghari shares with us a new collection of wallpapers filled with ...