Windows 365 wallpapers

Windows 365 default wallpapers download

If you are looking to refresh the look of your Windows 11 desktop, you can try these wallpapers from the Windows 365 Cloud OS.

Windows 365 is a paid service from Microsoft that allows businesses to stream a Windows desktop securely as a virtual machine hosted in the company’s cloud service. As part of the experience, these cloud-based virtual machines feature a set of unique wallpapers, which you can download to change your desktop background.

In total, there are five wallpapers that follow the same bloom design as the default wallpaper on Windows 11, but these images have different shapes and use a glass style.

The images are available unofficially since there were uploaded to Reddit by the user going by Wallpapers8K (via Neowin).

Once you download the images, open Settings > Personalization > Background, select the Picture option in the “Personalize your background” setting and then click the Browse photos button to select the image you want to set it as desktop background. You can use these instructions if you don’t have an activated version of Windows 11.