Microsoft shows off 12K resolution Windows 8 gaming PC setup, a $17,000 dream

Microsoft puts Windows 8 to the challenge by setting up a gaming PC that features an amazing 12K resolution with a ASUS HD 7970 and a AMD 7970 graphic card in Crossfire mode to drive 3 32-inch 4K Sharp PN-K321 displays at 60 frames per second.

Each Sharp display featured a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, for a total of 11520×2160 screen resolution when combining three of these beasts. Microsoft had also to install a special driver package built by AMD, and only then Windows 8 was able to render a whopping 1,492,992,000 pixels per second. With all the settings on “High” the Dirt3 demo was able to maintain 62-67fps on average, peaking over 70fps.

The downside, though, is that the demo only lasted several minutes before the PC’s power supply gave up.

Even though this project shows the new capabilities of DirectX in Windows 8 and what is possible today with 4K monitors. It also reminds us that it is far from being affordable and easy to set up, as Microsoft would have spent $17,000 — I’m saying “would have”, because the displays were just loaner –, and the company had to contact AMD directly for help to have this impressive demo running.

Oh! Also read the full detailed Microsoft’s article on Extreme Windows Blog.

Would you configure this setup if you had the money?