Windows 11 running Android apps

Android apps support for Windows 11 showed up in screenshots

Leaked screenshots revealed Android apps already running on Windows 11.

Alongside the interface overhaul and the long list of new features, the original release of Windows 11 was supposed to ship with support to run Android apps. However, because the integration wasn’t ready, Microsoft decided to push it back with the promise of a working preview soon after the launch of the new version of Windows.

Since then, we have seen the listing of the Amazon Appstore and the Windows Subsystem for Android showing up in the Microsoft Store, which are the main components to make everything work. The Amazon Appstore will provide the apps, even though sideloading app packages are expected to be supported, and the Windows Subsystem for Android will offer the virtual environment to run the Android apps since they cannot run natively on Windows.

Now, a few screenshots have leaked onto the web showing off Android apps running on Windows 11, signaling that the integration is closer to preview.

Android apps on Windows 11 (Source: bilibili)
Android apps on Windows 11 (Source: bilibili)

The screenshots that were published in a Chinese forum (via WindowsLatest) show a couple of  Android apps running on Windows 11. Also, it appears that Microsoft is working hard to make them feel like native apps. As you can see, it seems you will have the ability to pin them to Taskbar, and there’s support for thumbnail preview and Snap group. You will even be able to resize windows and a lot more.

While it’s still unclear when the support for Android apps will arrive on Windows 11, it is likely that at least a first preview will happen before the end of the year.