How to backup PowerToys settings on Windows 11

You can now backup and restore your PowerToys settings, and here's how.

PowerToys backup
  • To backup PowerToys settings, open Settings > General and click Backup.
  • To restore PowerToys settings from backup, open Settings > General and click Restore.
  • You can also use the backup to transfer the settings to another computer.

PowerToys has a feature to backup the settings, which you can then use to restore in the same or different computer, and in this guide, you will learn how to use it.

On Windows 11, PowerToys is an additional app you can install to improve the experience further with different tools to make you a little more productive. However, if you spend a lot of time customizing the features, such as creating zones for managing windows with FancyZones, it could be frustrating to lose your settings. Because of this and other reasons, the app now includes an option to create a backup of your settings. 

Also, if you save the backup file to OneDrive, you can restore the settings on another computer to keep your settings synced across devices.

This guide will teach you how to create a backup of your PowerToys settings on Windows 11 (or 10).

Backup PowerToys settings on Windows 11

To backup the PowerToys settings on Windows 11, use these steps:

  1. Open PowerToys on Windows 11 (or 10).

  2. Click on General.

  3. Under the “Backup & restore” section, click the Browse button for the “Location” setting.

  4. Select the location to store the PowerToys’ backup – for example, in the OneDrive folder.

  5. Click the Select folder button.

  6. Click the Backup button.

    PoweToys backup

Once you complete the steps, the settings and custom configurations will be backed up in the specified location. In the “Backup information” section, you’ll find the details, such as when was the last backup created, machine source, file name, and more.

If you need to restore the settings, you only need to click the Restore button.

If you want to replace the settings on another computer, change the other computer’s default backup location to match the OneDrive folder from the original backup, and then restart PowerToys. Finally, open the backup settings and click the Restore button.

Backup PowerToys settings manually on Windows 11

Alternatively, you can create a manual backup or copy the settings to another computer by copying the settings files.

To create a manual backup of the PowerToys settings, use these steps:

  1. Open File Explorer.

  2. Type the following path and press Enter:

  3. Right-click the PowerToys folder and select the Copy option.

    PowerToys settings folder backup

  4. Open the location to store the files.

  5. Right-click and select the Paste option.

After you complete the steps, you can close the PowerToys app and replace the “PowerToys” folder in the “Microsoft” folder to restore the settings, or you can replace the folder on another computer to copy the settings.

If you only need to restore a single feature, such as FancyZones, you can replace only these settings from inside the “PowerToys” folder.