Beginners: How to import bookmarks into Google Chrome from other web browsers

Google Chrome - Import Bookmarks

If you skipped the bookmarks import step during Google Chrome installation or you are just moving to this awesome web browser and you need to move your bookmarks collection from the other browser, there is a built-in tool you can use in Google Chrome to do the bookmarks importing without complication.

In this article I am going to show you how to import bookmarks (or Favorites) from Internet Explorer into Google Chrome, but note this process should also work for all other supported web browsers.

1.  While in Google Chrome, click the wrench  and select Options.

2.  Click on Personal Stuff and in the Browsing data section, click Import data from another browser button.

Google Chrome - Import data from another browser

Quick Tip: You can also access the Personal Stuff section right from the address bar by typing: chrome://settings/personal

Google Chrome - Import Bookmarks settings3.  Then select from which web browser you want to import your bookmarks from (e.g,. Internet Explorer, Firefox, and even from the Google Toolbar), in this case choose Microsoft Internet Explorer. Also select which items to import. Once that is done, just click the Import button.

4.  If you did everything right, you will get the success notice; then click OK to finish and close the Google Chrome’s Options tab.

Google Chrome - Import success