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When it comes the time to buy a new computer, camera, phones, or any other electronics, researching and planning can save you a substantial amount of time and money.

On an ever-evolving technology world, you know that new electronics are coming out regularly and there are specific times on the year that are better than other where you can find things cheaper.

Now that the Consumer Electronics Show is over, you may be wondering when you should spend your money on a new desktop computer, tablet, phone, or TV. Below, I have re-compiled a list that Lifehacker has published with the best time to buy anything throughout the year. However, this new list is focus on the best time to buy your next electronic based on when stores are trying to get rid of old stock, when they are slashing prices for upcoming holiday, or even when they are having just sudden sales.

First quarter:  January, February, and March

  • Computer monitors: You have multiple times in the year to get a new monitor, but in January and February, chances are you will find clearance on many outlets. (PCWorld


  • Video games: Many games for Xbox and PlayStation come out during the fall, for the holiday season; once the holidays are over they will go on sale. (Lifehacker)


  • Smartphones: During Valentine’s Day, you’re likely to find phones on sales with offers such as buy one get one free.


  • TVs and other electronics:  Japanese manufacturers’ fiscal year ends in March; as such, they are likely to try to clear out old stock, and you’re likely to find last year model on sale. (Di Vincenzo

Third quarter: July, August, September

  • Computers: During the third quarter, Intel and AMD prepare to release new products and back-to-school sales begins. Therefore, this is one of the best time to get a new computer for the school year. Always remember that computer stores and online retailers will require proof that you’re a student.


  • Videos games: PC games of times go on sale around this time of the year.

Fourth quarter: October, November, December

  • Digital cameras: If you are planning to get into photography or you need to replace your camera, around September time you’ll find older models for a reduced price after newer models come out. (Digital Photography School, Digital Camera HQ)


  • Computers, TVs, and other electronics: Although, they are available in small quantities, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are still one of the best times to buy any sort of gadgets, including TVs, laptops, Ultrabooks, tablets, phones, you name it. However, make sure to double-check prices, before making your purchase, these two events can be tricky if you do not shop carefully.


  • Computers, TVs, and other electronics: The Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales usually keep going until the super bowl. (CNET, Dealnews

Here is the chart (double-click to enlarge)

The best time to buy anything

Aside from all the dates mentioned above, keep in mind that computers and other electronic gadgets are cheapest on Mondays, when manufacturers apply their rebates. This tip is good for TVs, Cameras, and video games too.

When hunting for a new electronic, never panic, stay focus, do your research and wait. You will be surprised how things go on sale for no reason on Amazon, Newegg, Microsoft Store, etc.

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