Bing Chat AI answers are coming to search results

Microsoft is now embedding Bing Chat answers into regular search results.

Bing Chat AI on search results
  • Microsoft to show Bing Chat AI responses in search results.
  • The AI-generated response will appear at the top of a regular Bing search.
  • There are two variants of the design depending on whether you’re logged in with a Microsoft account.

Microsoft appears to be adding Bing Chat responses for certain queries in search results. Although Bing Chat and Bing Search are two different products, the company has been trying ways to merge both experiences. Recently, Microsoft rolled out an update that shows stories that provide AI-generated details on certain topics, and now, Bleeping Computer has noticed that Bing Search can return AI-generated responses to specific queries.

According to the report, when doing a regular search on Bing, you may see an answer from the chatbot on top of the search result, encouraging you to jump into the Bing Chat experience to continue asking follow-up questions.

Similar to a response from the chatbot experience, you will see citations that will help you verify the information, along with images if applicable.

The interesting aspect of this feature is that you will see a design when you’re logged in with your Microsoft account that has access to Bing Chat and another design without an option to access the chatbot if you’re not logged in with your account.

Bing Chat on results logged out
Bing Chat on results logged out

Although the approach of embedding responses generated using AI on search results may be helpful, it doesn’t seem that this is the right time because the chatbot is still in its infancy and will make mistakes. However, since it only appears on specific queries, the search engine may have been configured to show AI responses when it knows the correct answer.

Bing Chat on results logged in
Bing Chat on results logged in

If you use Bing and come across an artificial answer, checking the citations to confirm the answer is correct is always a good idea. If you want to give it a try, you can query phrases like “What’s Windows Registry,” “What is Hibernation on Windows,” or “What is NTFS.” In some cases, you will receive a response with one answer, and in other cases, you may get a gallery with answers from different sources.