Bing Chat gets support for image search

Microsoft brings image search for its Bing Chat AI.

Bing Chat Visual Search
  • Microsoft introduces Visual Search for Bing Chat
  • The feature allows you to upload images to the chatbot for analysis and learn more information.
  • Visual Search is available on Bing Chat desktop and apps.

Microsoft announced that Bing Chat is adding support for image search, meaning that you can upload images to Bing Chat and ask for information about them.

According to the company, the feature, known as “Visual Search,” has several benefits. First, it can help you to learn more about images. For instance, if you send a picture of a flower, the chatbot can provide information about its name, type, and where it’s found. Second, image search can help to find similar images. For example, if you upload a picture of a dog, Visual Search can provide a list of other photos of dogs. Third, image search can help find information about products. For instance, if you upload an image of a shoe, the tool can provide details about pricing, availability, and reviews.

If you want to use the feature, you have to click the new “Add an image” button in the “Ask me anything” prompt box in Bing Chat, then you can paste the link to the image location, or you can use the “Upload from this device” button to send an image from your computer. The Visual Search feature is currently available in the desktop and Bing app versions of Bing Chat.

Although it’s a convenient feature, it has its limitations. For example, Visual Search cannot provide information about images not in the service’s search index database. Also, the chatbot cannot provide information about images that are not publicly available or about images that are not in English.

Microsoft’s decision to allow images for Bing Chat follows Google’s recent debut of an image search feature for Bard.