Bypass the Start screen and go straight to the desktop on login in Windows 8

Windows 8 desktop mode

Going back and forth between Metro and the Windows desktop can be a little bit distracting and also many Windows 8 users aren’t so thrilled about the new Metro style environment. So why don’t bypass the Start screen when you log in and go straight to the Windows desktop without the need of additional tools or complicated system configurations? It is pretty simple, just follow the steps below to learn this quick tip:


1. Make sure that the Desktop tile is in the first group of tiles and it is also the first (top-left corner right under Start) and restart your Windows PC.

Windows 8 Start screen Desktop tile

2. On the Login Screen, enter your password and DO NOT press Enter or click the Arrow button. Instead what you want to do here is to press down and hold the Enter key.

Note: Just keep in mind that for a moment the Start screen may be visible, but not to worry, by holding down the Enter key will skip the Start screen straight to the desktop.

Win8 Login Screen password

Second method

Another way to do almost the same thing is to move the Desktop tile to the first tile, as I mentioned before, and as soon as you are logged in, simply hit Enter. When you do this Windows 8 by default launches the first tile in the Start screen.

And that’s pretty much all there is to it. You just bypassed Metro to went directly to the Windows desktop environment without any system configuration or installation of additional software.

Source The Windows Club