A theme on Windows 10 is a collection of settings and wallpapers that you can easily install from the Microsoft Store to quickly change the look and feel of the desktop experience. Usually, a theme contains multiple backgrounds, colors, and sounds. Most themes for Windows 10 are free, but sometimes, you may also stumble upon paid themes.

Our Desktop Fun section includes recommendations and download links for the most interesting themes as well as wallpapers and decorations that you get for your laptop, desktop, or tablet.

Cobwebs theme for Windows 10

Cobwebs theme for Windows 10 (download)

No doubt that you can find and turn anything into a work of art if you have the talent and are aware of your surroundings. This theme ...

Coffee Art theme for Windows 10

Coffee Art theme for Windows 10 (download)

Your morning could be hectic, calm, beautiful, rainy, but not matter what coffee lovers can’t take on the day without a cup (or even ...