How to change default music ripping settings on Windows Media Player

Here are the steps to change the default music ripping settings on Windows Media Player.

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Most of us don’t carry audio CDs anymore, now you save your music into your computer and then you sync them to your portable music player. The process of making a copy of a song and storing it into your computer’s hard drive is called Ripping. What you might not know is that the default settings in Windows Media Player to rip audio CDs is .WMA at 128 kbps, which is fairly common audio quality.

Today, we have a lot of devices that enables us to play music files, and the most common  file format supported is MP3. As such, instead of using the default settings on Windows Media Player, you can change them to copy your favorites songs in MP3 audio file format.

How to rip music as MP3 on Windows Media Player

  1. Open Windows Media Player.

  2. Press the Alt key.

  3. From the menu choose Tools, and the options.

    Rip Music Settings window in Windows Media Player 12

  4. Click the Rip Music tab.

  5. On the Rip Settings section, and select MP3. You also have the choice of Rip CD automatically, this means that every time you insert a new audio CD into your computer WMP will automatically rip it. 

  6. Change the Audio Quality settings. Remember, the bigger the number of kbps the better your music will sound. The catch is that the bigger the number of kbps the bigger the file sizes will be, and if you have a lot of audio CDs it will take more hard drive space in your computer. It’s recommended to use 192 kbps or 256 kbps.

    More settings in Windows Media Player 12

  7. Click Apply

  8. Click OK to complete the task.

Now every time you insert an audio CD into your computer and click Rip your music will be save in the MP3 file format.

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