Change web pages color scheme for better reading with High Contrast in Chrome

High Contrast extension

High Contrast is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to invert web pages color scheme quickly and easily for better readability. You’ll see that this extension is really useful when you stumble upon sites with terrible background and font combination colors that only hurt your eyes. I am talking about, for example, those sites with black backgrounds and fluorescent green fonts.

This extension is great, after you install it a new icon will be added to the browser’s toolbar, when you click the icon, it will reveal a menu where you can enable/disable High Contrast, choose from several presets like increased contract, inverted color, inverted gray-scale, and you can even apply the settings to all sites or one specific page.

Google Chrome extension to invert web pages colors

Now that you know don’t force your eyes just to read a piece of content, simply use this extension and avoid headaches.

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