Google Chrome beta now syncs open tabs across computers and Android devices


Now that Google Chrome is available for almost any platform, synchronization across all the devices is very important, Google knows that and now Chrome beta offers the ability to sync tabs across computers and Android devices. Tab syncing isn’t exactly a new feature, but now Google is ready to roll it out the masses.

Tab syncing is available on the latest beta version of Google’s web browser for Windows, Mac and Linux. Users can access the feature as long they are logged in to their Google account, the tabs that are open on a different device will be available on all supported devices by clicking the Other devices menu in a New Tab page at the bottom-right corner.

What is worth noting is that when tabs are synced the back and forward navigation history goes with it as well, that way you don’t miss anything you were doing before.

If you already updated to the latest Chrome beta, head over the to browser Settings, then click Advanced sync settings and the Open tabs option should be there.

Still, this feature may not appear to all beta users immediately, Google will be gradually roll it out over the next several days.

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Source Google Chrome Blog