Chrome’s Grayscale Tool makes web pages easy on the eyes

Many websites have great content, but sometimes they are not designed with the users in mind. I am referring to those cases where sites use images, background, and text colors that aren’t very well suited for readability, which could also cause strain on your eyes, and you just want to get out of it as soon as possible.

Now, you cannot modify those websites, but sure there is a fix for that with Chrome extension. Grayscale Tool is an extension for Google’s web browser and is really simple, it turns every web page (including embedded videos) into gray scales content removing any vivid colors from that one page.

Like I said the extension is simple, just grab it from the Chrome Web Store. Once installed, there is not a main dashboard or a setting’s page, simply use the Shift+G keyboard shortcut and right before your eyes, the web page will go gray scale, like you’re used to with newspapers or like e-ink in portables e-readers.

Many people will also find this Chrome extension really useful on tablets when reading the Sunday morning news.

One last thing. Consider that Grayscale Tool works in a per web page basis, so you’ll have to use the Shift+G shortcut on every page. And hitting the shortcut twice will turn the page back to its original colors.

Via Cnet