Cobwebs theme for Windows 10

Cobwebs theme for Windows 10 (download)

No doubt that you can find and turn anything into a work of art if you have the talent and are aware of your surroundings. This theme is about the finished hard work of spiders, and the hours that the photographer who carefully found what’s interesting about the cobwebs put into it.

You get an incredible collection, very unique images that make perfect wallpapers for your desktop backgrounds. All the photos are free to download for Windows and present soft and natural colors along with the characteristic shapes of the spiderwebs that caught the morning mist.

If the images rotate too quickly on your desktop, after applying the theme, go to Settings > Personalization > Background, and use the Change picture every drop-down menu to adjust the image rotation frequency. You can find more great themes in my Desktop Fun section.

Cobwebs wallpaper