Copilot change settings prompts

29 Copilot prompts to change settings on Windows 11

These is the complete list of prompts you can use with Copilot to change system settings on Windows 11.

  • Complete list of prompts you can use with Copilot to manage settings on Windows 11.
  • Microsoft is currently listing 29 things you can ask the chatbot AI in the operating system.
  • Some of these prompts are available to everyone, and others are available through the Canary Channel.

On Windows 11, Copilot is getting a bunch of skills to change settings and perform different tasks on your computer. Although since the chatbot AI was integrated into the operating system, it had the ability to change system settings and perform specific tasks, the list of capabilities was limited. However, with the release of the latest preview of Windows 11 in the Canary Channel, Microsoft is testing a new runtime that allows you to manage more settings through Copilot. 

The company even published a list of prompts you can ask Copilot to perform Windows-specific tasks. However, these are just topics you can use to create your prompts with natural language. For example, for “battery information,” you can create a prompt like “Show me the battery information of my laptop.”

The list that the company is presenting includes existing and new capabilities, as well as routines specifically designed for accessibility.

Copilot prompts to manage system settings on Windows 11

To change settings using Copilot, use the “Windows key + C” keyboard shortcut or click the “Copilot” button in the task and ask:

New prompts

  • Available wireless networks.
  • System or device information.
  • Battery information.
  • Clean storage.
  • Empty recycle bin.
  • Toggle battery saver.
  • Show startup apps.
  • Show IP address.
  • Show system, device, or storage information.

Existing prompts

  • Toggle dark/light theme.
  • Toggle Bluetooth.
  • Toggle do not disturb.
  • Add a device.
  • Take a screenshot.
  • Cast screen to another monitor.
  • Change the background image.
  • Set volume, change volume, or mute/unmute volume.
  • Launch an application, for example, “Open Word.”
  • State that certain parts of your PC aren’t working: Audio, Windows Update, Camera, Bluetooth, Printer, Network, and others. For example, “Windows Update is not working.”
  • Snap a window.
  • Start a focus session.

Accessibility prompts

  • Turn on Narrator.
  • Open voice access.
  • Turn on the magnifier.
  • Change text size.
  • Start live captions.
  • Turn on high-contrast.
  • Start voice typing.

In addition to typing the prompt, you can click the “microphone” button to interact using voice, and you will even receive a voice response.

Although Copilot can perform different tasks on your behalf, if you already know how to complete a specific task, you will probably do it faster since the chatbot can take a long time to understand and execute the command.

Also, while trying out these prompts, I noticed that Copilot would open up the Settings app or the application to complete the task instead of the chatbot performing the task automatically. Furthermore, on some occasions, Copilot responded with an answer rather than completing the task. For example, when I asked, “Show me my computer’s IP address,” the chatbot only offered to open Command Prompt instead of showing me the information I requested. If I asked, “What’s my IP address,” the chatbot assumed I wanted to know my public IP address. (Just for the record, the public IP address was wrong.)

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