Cortana for Windows 10 PCs arrives in India, Canada, Japan, and Australia

Microsoft gearing up to release Cortana for Windows 10 in four new countries, and more regions to come later this year.

Cortana for Windows 10 different languages

Microsoft has just announced that is getting ready to release Cortana in more countries. Today, Gabriel Aul, head of the Microsoft’s Windows Insider Program said that Cortana for Windows 10 is now rolling out to Insiders running Windows 10 build 10532 and later versions as an optional download in Japan and in English for Insiders in Canada and Australia.

In addition, the company announces that there is also an early version in English for India, and later this month a new update will release to improve voice.

Microsoft is also working to bring Cortana for Windows 10 to Insiders in Canada (French), Mexico, and Brazil later this year.

While the software maker released Windows 10 to the public in 190 countries and on 111 languages, Cortana was only available in China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States. This is because the company is designing its personal assistant tailor to a region, focusing on one question: “What’s important in a personal assistant in this market?”, and not as “one size fits all”, as such it takes time to embrace thoughtful local customization and culture from a particular country.

In order to customize Cortana, Microsoft takes into account what’s important to region and culture, then it assembles a local team of creative writers, editors, programmers, and voice talent to build the feature, and then rolls out the feature to millions of people.

Source Microsoft