Cortana soon will send SMS text messages from Windows 10 for PCs

Cortana will not only alert you about missed calls, but it will help you send SMS messages from the desktop as well.

For Windows 10 Threshold 2 update, Microsoft seems to be planning to allow Windows Phone users send SMS messages from the desktop. In the latest preview build of the operating system, we can see that Microsoft is adding a functionality that will let Cortana alert you if you missed any calls, which shows the company bringing the desktop and phone experience closer together. In addition, it seems that users will also be able to send SMS messages when the update rolls out to everyone.

On a new video from WinBeta shows the new feature in action, and we have to admit that it works pretty much flawless. You simply need say “Hey Cortana: Send a text”, then the assistant will launch and asked who do you want to send the SMS text to, and after reviewing the message, you can say “Send” to complete the operation.

To send SMS messages, you’ll be able to use your voice, but you can also type the message manually.

While there is a missed call notification feature in the latest build of Windows 10, the new functionality to send SMS texts is not available to the public, as trying to send an message to a phone using Windows 10 build 10565 will work, but the text message will never arrive to the recipient. However, we’re expecting to see the new feature when Microsoft releases Windows 10 Threshold 2 to everyone.