How to disable badge notifications on the taskbar on Windows 10

If windows 10 badge notifications for apps in the taskbar are getting in the way, then use this guide to disable the feature.

Disable badge notifications on the taskbar on Windows 10

On Windows 10, badges are lightweight notifications designed to alert you when you missed any event in the taskbar for a particular app without you having to open Action center, Start menu, or the actual app.

Depending on the app, you’ll see a badge indicating the number of notifications you have missed. For instance, in the “Mail” app, you’ll see the number of emails you haven’t seen. The “Alarm & Clock” app will show any active alarm. The badge for the “Weather” app will let you know of any weather related condition alert, and so on.

However, these notifications can be intrusive and can easily clutter your taskbar, but as pretty much with any feature on Windows 10, you can disable badge notifications if it’s something that you don’t need.

In this guide, you’ll learn the easy steps to disable badge notifications on Windows 10.

How to disable taskbar badge notifications on Windows 10

Use these steps to disable badge notifications for apps in the taskbar:

  1. Open Settings.

  2. Click on Personalization.

  3. Click on Taskbar.

  4. Turn off the Show badges on taskbar buttons toggle switch.

    Disable badges for apps in the taskbar
    Disable badges for apps in the taskbar
    Quick tip: If the “Show badges on taskbar buttons” option is grayed out, it’s possible that you’re using small taskbar buttons, which doesn’t support badges. If this is the case, turn off the “Use small taskbar buttons” option to enable badge notifications in the taskbar.

Once you complete the steps, apps in the taskbar will no longer show notifications making the taskbar less distracting.

Disabling Action center notification badge

The Action center button in the notification area of the taskbar also includes a badge with the number of missed notifications. The button also can show app icons making easier for you to quickly identify which app you have missed notifications.

If you don’t want to see badge (or app icons) in the Action Center button, you can disable these features with these steps:

  1. Right-click the Action center icon from the bottom-right corner of the taskbar.

  2. Select the Don’t show apps icons option.

  3. Select the Down show number of new notifications option.

    Disable Action center badge notification
    Disable Action center badge notification

After you complete the steps, the Action center button will no longer show notifications, but the icon will turn white when you have new notifications.

Update June 24, 2019: This guide was originally released in April 2016, and it’s been revised for the latest version of Windows 10