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How to disable power button camera shortcut on Android

Do you keep accidentally opening the camera by pressing the power button twice on your Android phone? Here's how you can disable the shortcut.

Android Power button twice for camera

Most Android phones implement some sort of mechanism to quickly launch the camera. Starting with Marshmallow, and now Nougat, every Android phone, including the Nexus line, you can simply double-tap the power button to open the camera.

As you press the power button twice your phone will vibrate indicating that the camera is ready to use. However, despite that the feature can be useful, you’ll find yourself more times launching the camera by accident than starting it because you need it.

If you don’t use this feature and you keep opening by mistake when taking or putting the phone in your pocket, Google offer an easy way to turn off the feature.

In this guide, you’ll learn the easy steps to disable power button double-tap shortcut to open the camera on your Android phone.

How to disable camera shortcut on Android

  1. Open Settings.

  2. Tap on Display.

  3. Turn off the Press power button twice for camera toggle switch to complete the task.

    Disable power button to launch camera on Android
    Disable power button to launch camera on Android

Once you completed the steps, the camera app will no longer launch by pressing the power button twice. You’ll now have to access the camera by using the shortcut in the lock screen or opening the app that you would normally do.