Download 21 colorful and fun Christmas wallpapers for your desktop computer

Christmas wallpaper collection - Desktop

Brighten up your computer desktop with this great Christmas wallpapers and winter wonder. As part of getting ready for the festivities, this year we have a larger set of wallpapers than we usually do and more are coming… To help with some Christmassy color in your desktop and to set the mood for this holiday season.

This year Christmas wallpaper set comes with 21 high-resolution images of: snowman, Christmas ornaments, Merry Christmas red sock, Christmas tree, and much more.

You can find more great free wallpapers and Windows 7 themes at our Pureinfotech — Desktop Fun section.

Note: These wallpapers are not like Windows 7 themes where images fit perfectly in your computer screen, they vary in size so you may have to stretch, crop, or modify them in a way that will best fit your computer’s monitor resolution.
Important: Click on the image to download from its original site. Once in the download page, click Download Now!, the site will determine your screen resolution, and finally, right-click the image and select Save image as…

Images no longer available.