Download Firefox 11 final stable version before it is officially release

Download Firefox 11

The latest version of Mozilla’s web browser, Firefox 11, has been released ahead of schedule, but only via FTP, keeping with the rapid release the new update comes as expected six weeks after Firefox 10.

The Mozilla team was scheduled to push the automatic update today, but according to The Verge site, the company put it on hold until “Patch Tuesday”, the day when the software giant, Microsoft, releases Windows updates. This is because Mozilla has had problems before with updates to Windows getting in the middle and causing issues with Firefox.

With Firefox 11 users will see some new features and many bugs fixes, but they won’t see an overhaul  of the web browser itself. Starting version 11, Google Chrome users who want to switch to Firefox will have the option to migrate bookmarks, cookies, history, passwords, form data, and more coming future releases. People who use Firefox Sync in this new build will be able to keep synchronize add-ons across multiple computers.

Furthermore, Firefox 11 includes new developer tools like the one called Tilt, that adds a 3D rendering of web pages to any system that supports the WebGL can, users can test this feature by right-clicking on a web page, clicking Inspect Element and then clicking the 3D button — really useful to identify overlap elements on a page –. Also, the other tool is a new Style editor, that can be accessed by the Web Developer menu or in the same way as Tilt is accessed.

If you cannot wait for the official release, below are the FTP links to download Firefox 11 final.

Download link

Mar. 14, 2012 Update

Firefox 11 officially released! Here the download for Windows, Mac and Linux.