Download Google Chrome 15 Beta – New Tab page redesigned

New Tab page - Google Chrome 15 Beta

Google Chrome 15 Beta (15.0.874.24) has been released and ready for download, and it seems that Google is not stopping or slowing down with rapid releases. This newest release of the popular web browser comes with a new redesigned Tab page that will make easier for users to manage their bookmarks, web apps, and the most visited web pages.

Now the bookmarks, web apps, and most visited web pages are separated in different sections that you can switch between them the left or right arrow button on the page. Google Chrome will always remember which section you left off when you open a new Tab.

Here are some useful tips when using the new Tab page:

  • To remove an item from a section, drag the item toward the bottom right of the page, where a trash can will appear, and you can drop the item to remove it. You can undo this action by clicking undo, but you have a short period of time to this.
  • To create a new Tab section, just grab an item to the bottom of the page until a new Tab section appears. Then you can rename it by just double-clicking the label.
  • To rearrange your web apps, shortcuts, etc., just drag and drop where you like the new item to be.
  • To see the Tabs you recently closed, click Recently closed on the bottom right of the page. 

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