How to download Halo Infinite beta on Xbox One, S, X, PC

Ahead of the official release, Microsoft makes available Halo Infinite (beta) available free-to-play on Xbox consoles and PCs.

Halo Infinite download

On November 15, Microsoft is making the upcoming Halo Infinite multiplayer (beta) game early for anyone in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Xbox console. However, this isn’t the entire game. You will be downloading season 1 only with the core maps and battle pass features. Also, any progression will carry over to the final release.

The download is available for Xbox Game Pass members as well as for anyone without a subscription. You can pre-order Halo Infinite now at the Microsoft Store. If you have a Game Pass membership, you will be able to access the game at no extra cost on day one.

In this guide, you will learn the steps to get early access to Halo Infinite game on your Xbox console or Windows 11 PC.

Download Halo Infinite multiplayer season 1 beta

To get early access to the Halo Infinite beta, use these steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Store.

  2. Sign in with your Xbox or Microsoft account.

  3. Search for Halo Infinite and select the top result.

  4. Click the Install To (included with Game Pass) button, or click the Get button if you don’t have a subscription.

    Download Halo Infinite

  5. Click the Console tab.

  6. Select the Xbox One, S, or X console.

  7. Click the Install now button.

    Select Xbox installation

  8. (Optional) Click the PC tab.

  9. Click the Launch button to download the game with the Xbox app on Windows 11.

Once you complete the steps, the new Halo Infinite season 1 game will download your selected device. Once the final game releases on December 8 and you get the full install, the progress will carry over.

Halo Infinite PC specs
Halo Infinite PC specs (Source: 343 Industries)

If you plan to play Halo Infinite multiplayer on your computer, 343 Industries has published the recommended hardware configuration to play the game in low, medium, high, and ultra settings.