Microsoft releases installer to download Windows 10 S on any PC

You can download and install Windows 10 S on any computer, just be careful, there are a few limitations.

Download Windows 10 S installer

If you want to give Windows 10 S a spin, Microsoft is now making available for download an easy to use installer to get the variant on any Windows 10 device.

Windows 10 S is a new variant of the Windows 10 Pro with a specific set of configurations that limits you to use only apps available in the Window Store and Microsoft Edge with Bing as your default web browser. Besides these limitations, the locked-down version of the OS offers the same familiar interface optimized for security and performance.

Previously, Windows 10 S was only available for Surface Laptop and certain OEM machines, but now Microsoft is letting anyone download and use S. However, because it’s a variant of Windows 10 Pro, you can’t use the installer on a Windows 10 Home computer.

If you want to install Windows 10 S, simply download and launch the installer with the link below, and follow the easy on-screen steps to begin the process.

Installing Windows 10 S on an existing machine is intended for testing only. If you install the variant of Windows 10, you must understand that non-Store apps will not work, peripherals that require custom drivers may not work, and errors may occur. (It’s recommended to read the Microsoft documentation before proceeding.)

Alternatively, if you’re a MSDN subscriber, you can also download the ISO file for Windows 10 S to do a clean install of the OS.