How to use Collections feature on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge now has a feature to collect content from the web for research or virtually anything you want. Here's how to give it a try in the latest version of the browser.

Microsoft Edge Collections

On Microsoft Edge, Collections is a feature designed to help you quickly collect text, images, videos, and other content into a note page.

When using the Microsoft Edge feature, a flyout will be available to drag and drop content from the web. It will format the content correctly and even add a footnote with link references of the sources you used.

Microsoft is targeting “Collections” as a general-purpose tool that you can use for anything. If you shop online, the feature helps you collect and compare product prices and information. If you are a teacher or student, the feature can help you organize web research and create lesson plans. If you are an event or trip organizer, it will help group all the information and ideas to plan the event or trip.

In this guide, you will learn the steps to enable and start using Collections in Microsoft Edge for Windows 10.

How to use Collections on Microsoft Edge

To start a new collection on Edge, use these steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

  2. Click the Collections button next to the address bar.

    Microsoft Edge create new collection
    Microsoft Edge create new collection
    Quick tip: If the option is not available, you can enable it from the Appearance page (edge://settings/appearance) by clicking the Show Collections button toggle switch.
  3. Click the Start new collection button.

  4. Confirm a name for collection and press Enter.

    Collection name and first item
    Collection name and first item
  5. Click the Pin button from the top-right to keep the flyout open to connect content.

  6. Open websites with information you want to collect and click the Add current page button. (As you visit new websites, use the Add current page option at the top.)

    Quick tip: You can also add links, images, and text selections to the list or create new collections by right-clicking the page, selecting the Add page to Collections option, and choosing the action. Or you can also drag and drop the content to add it to your list
  7. Click the Note button at the top-right corner to add notes (as necessary).

    Collection item add note
    Collection item add note
  8. (Optional) Right-click each item and copy it to the clipboard, open, add notes, or delete. If the page is about a product, Collections can also offer an option to compare the price to other retailers.

    Collection item options and compare prices
    Collection item options and compare prices
    Quick note: If the items on the list are not in the correct order, you rearrange them with the mouse.
  9. Click the Back button to view all the collections.

  10. (Optional) Right-click a collection to find the options to edit, paste clipboard content, or delete.

    Collection delete item and more options
    Collection delete item and more options
    Quick tip: You can also check the item and click the Trash button to delete it.

After you complete the steps, you can click the Sharing and more (ellipsis) button in the top-right corner to export everything to an Excel spreadsheet, Word document, OneNote, or Pinterest.

The Collections feature for Microsoft Edge has been available for a few releases, but it is not until version 90 that the flyout opens as an overlay. If you are using an older version, then you will see a flyout on the right.