How to enable Cortana on Microsoft Launcher on any region

You can use Cortana integration on Microsoft Launcher even if you're in a region that doesn't support the assistant, and here's how to do it.

Cortana on Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher for Android is a great alternative to default launcher experience to customize your phone experience. Microsof integrated Cortana into the app allowing you to use the assistant to do things like make a call, schedule meetings, change the wallpaper, read headlines, and Continue on PC.

The only caveat about is that Cortana isn’t available in all regions. However, if you happen to be located in a country where the assistant isn’t supported, you can still enable it by making a simple change to the Microsoft Launcher settings.

In this guide, you’ll learn the steps to enable Cortana integration using Microsoft Launcher on Android.

How to enable Cortana on an unsupported language

To use Cortana on Microsoft Launcher on any region, do the following:

  1. Open Microsoft Launcher settings. (Press and hold the home screen and tap on Launcher Settings.)

  2. Tap on General Settings.

  3. Tap the Language option.

  4. Select a supported language, such as English. (Supported languages include en-US, en-GB, en-CA, en-AU, and zh-CN.)

    Microsoft Edge language settings to enable Cortana anywhere
    Microsoft Edge language settings to enable Cortana anywhere

Once you’ve completed the steps, Microsoft Launcher will restart, and you can start using Cortana.

If you can’t start the assistant, you can use this guide that will walk you through the steps to manage the Cortana settings.

It’s worth noting that using these instructions, you’re only changing the language for the Microsoft Launcher, not your system language configured in your phone.