How to enable Heavy Ad Intervention feature in Google Chrome

Google Chrome can detect and disable certain ads that may use a significant amount of system resources, and here's how to enable the feature.

Chrome Heavy Ad Intervention option

Although Google is unlikely to ever all advertisements from the Chrome browser, as it’s still the main source of revenue, the company is making changes to make ads less annoying.

Starting with version 80, Chrome is now introducing a new “Heavy Ad Intervention” option designed to block ads known to use too many system resources, which should help to improve the browsing experience and save battery life on mobile devices.

In this guide, you’ll learn the steps to block ads that may be using a significant amount of system resources on Windows 10.

How to block heavy resources ads in Chrome

To enable “Heavy Ad Intervention” in Google Chrome, use these steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome.

  2. Type the following path in the address bar and press Enter:

  3. Under the “Heavy Ad Intervention” section, use the drop-down menu on the right and select Enabled (or Disabled to turn the feature off).

    Chrome Heavy Ad Intervention option enabled
    Chrome Heavy Ad Intervention option enabled
  4. Click the Relaunch button.

Once you complete the steps, Google Chrome will try to block those ads that may hog system resources.

If you’re not seeing the option option, you’re like not running version 80 or higher. You can always update the browser from the helps page (chrome://settings/help).

We’re focusing this guide on Windows 10, but these instructions should also work on macOS, Linux, ChromeOS, and Android.