Windows Theme: Everyday Art 4
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Community Showcase Everyday Art 4 theme for Windows 10 (download)

If you love art, you’ll find it everywhere. But this time you don’t have to look further to appreciate some quality images of art, courtesy of a community of photographers that share with us their perspective on the matter. On this new theme free for Windows you can surface around 21 interesting photos for your desktop background.

Photographer Sylvia Cook brings us some abstract oil and water bubbles, a black and white photography of a Peugeot 404 pickup by J. Noschka, a belly and bridge area of a cello by talented Milena Fera, and more. This collection, as all others you find on this section dedicated to excellent wallpapers on this site, are just a click away for you to download.

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Important: This theme is compatible with the Windows 10 Creators Update and later, as it’s only available in the Windows Store. While you can still download many themes from the web, Microsoft will soon be retiring the site, and it’ll make the themes only available in the Store.
  • Community Showcase Everyday Art 4 theme | Download

Everyday Art 4 theme for Windows wallpapers