Explore Beekeeping theme for Windows 10
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Explore Beekeeping theme for Windows 10 (download)

As pollination is essential for a lot of the food that we consume each day, we rely on the bees for the hard work and other insects. On this new theme we dive into the sweetness of beekeeping and its rich final product: Honey.

The collection presents impressive close ups and the wonderful labor of honeybees and their keepers. 20 wallpapers that will take you along the path to explore a noble and very rewarding job and hopefully make your life sweeter. The photographs are free as always to download for Windows 10.

If the images rotate too quickly on your desktop, after applying the theme on Settings > Personalization > Background, and use the Change picture every drop-down menu to adjust the image rotation frequency. You can find more great themes in my Desktop Fun section.

Explore Beekeeping wallpaper sample