Extensions available for download on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has released its first extensions for the Edge web browser on Windows 10, and developers are quickly porting their own. Here's a list of official and unofficial extensions you can install right now.

Microsoft Edge web browser for Windows 10

Extensions are little programs that let you add more features and personalize your experience on a web browser. Extensions are nothing new, Chrome and Firefox have been offering them for years. Google makes them available through the Chrome Web Store and Mozilla through its add-ons website.

In Windows 10, Microsoft finally pulled the plug on Internet Explorer by introducing a new default web browser, which we now know as Microsoft Edge. Since before Windows 10 release to the public, the software giant talked about bringing extensions support for Edge, but it wasn’t until the release of the Windows 10 Insider Preview (build 14291) that the company decided that extensions were ready for testing.

Starting Windows 10 build 14342, Microsoft is making available extensions from the Windows Store, which means that users no longer have download, unpack, and install extend the functionalities of the browser manually. 

Extensions are still in the early days on Microsoft Edge and there are not many of them available. As such, here is a handy list of current extensions you can download on the web browser.

Microsoft Edge extensions

Microsoft Translator | Download 

Similar to Google Translator for Chrome, Microsoft is also offering a translator for Edge. The extensions can translate web content on over 50 different languages. Once installed, simply click the icon on the address bar to translate the content.

Mouse Gestures | Download 

The extension allows you to perform basic gestures, similar to gestures you would use on a tablet. For example, right-click and hold, and move the mouse left or right to jump to the previous or next page. Mouse Gestures has around 14 gestures you can use and each one can be customized.

Reddit Enhancement Suite | Download

If you’re a Reddit user and you also use Windows 10, then you must have this extension. The Reddit Enhancement Suite allows you to add more control and features when using the site, such as a dark theme, filters, dashboard, and more.

Turn off the Lights | Download 

Turn off the Lights is an extension that let you fade out the background when watching a video on YouTube or any other site on Microsoft Edge.

Tweeten | Download 

Tweeten is an extension that adds a number of style enhancements to TweetDeck when you’re logged in using Microsoft Edge, including a dark and light theme.

FB Purity | Download

This is an extension that allows you to clean up and customize your Facebook experience. (Additional information here.)

Page Analyzer | Download 

This is an extension designed for web developers that will help to improve your site by analyzing web design best practices, including accessibility using aXe library.

Pin It Button | Download

The Pinterest Pin It Button let you easily send images to your Pinterest account in the same way the extension works on Chrome.

OneNote Clipper | Download

The OneNote Clipper is a small extension designed to help you save anything you see on the web to OneNote in just one click.

Save to Pocket | Download

When you want to save articles, videos, and other content around the web, you can now use the Save to Pocket extension for Microsoft Edge. The extension will automatically sync with your Pocket app on your phone, tablet, and other PCs. You can either using one-click saving from the toolbar, right-click context menu to save a link, quickly add tags, and more.

LassPass | Download

LassPass the popular password manager arrives to Microsoft Edge. In the same way LassPass works in Chrome and Firefox, you can securely store passwords, autofill any password, and you get convenient access to your login information from anywhere, thanks to LassPass multi-platform support. Do you have multiple accounts from the same online service, such as Gmail or Outlook? No problem, you can store multiple accounts from the same service. As always, you get a lot for free, but remember that you can go premium to access more features.

Office Online | Download

The Office Online is a yet another extension coming to Edge that offers a quick access menu on the browser to let you create, open, and save Office documents, such as Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Sway on your OneDrive account on the web.

Evernote | Download

Evernote, the popular cloud service that let you save take notes, sync files across your devices, save web pages, and more, comes to Microsoft Edge. With this extension, you can clip web pages you want to keep, and save them to Evernote.

Ebates Cash Back | Download

Ebates Cash Back is a simple extension that makes it easier to get coupons and promo codes to save money when shopping online.

True Key | Download

True Key is a password manager extension designed by Intel Security similar to LastPass. Once you install this extension, you’ll be able to save your passwords and login to your favorite sites using Windows Hello, including using your face or fingerprint, or a device you trust.

Ghostery | Download

Ghostery is an extension for Microsoft Edge that detects and blocks tracking technologies on websites (e.g., Facebook) to speed up your page loads, reduce the clutter, and protect your privacy.

RoboForm Password Manager | Download

This is yet another password manager that also helps you to fill long registrations and checkout forms. Additionally, RoboForm Password Manager features a password generator to create strong and secure passwords.

Tampermonkey | Download

Tampermonkey is a powerful userscript manager. You can manage and edit, enable and disable, import and export userscripts.

Microsoft Personal Shopping Assistant | Download

This extension aims to make it easier to shop smarter around the web. It automatically remembers products you browse, you can save your favorite products, get price alerts, compare products across different sellers, and a lot more.

Turn Off the Lights for Microsoft Edge | Download

This is a simple extension that creates a dark background (lightbox) around a video to improve your video watching experience without obstructions.

Read&Write for Microsoft Edge | Download

The Read&Write extension offers a range of tools to help students gain confidence with reading, writing, studying and research, including:

• Hear words, passages, or whole documents read aloud with easy-to-follow dual color highlighting.
• See the meaning of words explained with text and picture dictionaries.
• Hear text translated into other languages.
• Highlight text in documents or the web.
• Simplify and summarize text on web pages.

Microsoft has chosen to create extensions in the same way they work on Google Chrome, so we’re expecting developers to jump quickly and port their existing extensions to Microsoft Edge.

Here are the instructions to install extension on Edge for those that are not yet in the Store.

Did I missed to mention an extension? Add the info on the comments below and I’ll make sure to update the article accordingly.

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