Facebook Timeline is available now whether you like it or not – Getting started guide!

Facebook Timeline - Available today

After many back and forth, today Facebook Timeline is available worldwide to every user in the social network. And here is all you need to know to get started!

Facebook Timeline is an overhaul to the Facebook profile that we all are used to and love to. If you remember the company first introduced Timeline back in September in the F8 conference. The big difference with the now old profile designed is that Timeline displays all your life on Facebook in a chronological way, where you can also update missing and important events that happened in the past, and with the ability to scroll back as farther as your birth. You can think of Facebook Timeline as a scrapbook of your life online.

Activity Log is a new tool that comes with Timeline and will enable you to modify aspects of what shows up in your timeline. From there you can hide or delete posts or you can promote posts to featured status.

With the good also comes the bad, Facebook Timeline is being well received from many users, but others are not so pleased, because of the concern that the company now is asking for more personal information, and all the user personal data in more easily accessible, which in terms could potentially cause identity theft.

There is a grace period before your timeline goes public

Now here is when you need to be proactive and careful, Facebook is going to give you 1 week (7 days) for you to review everything that is going to be in your timeline before any of your friends see it — note that you can publish your timeline at any time within the review period –. Really important for users that still confused, Facebook Timeline is going to replace your current profile, and all your status updates and photos will still there. And so far there is no way to disable it once you upgrade to Timeline, like it was possible in the past — How to disable Facebook Timeline [Step-by-Step].

Managing your stories

If you want to see how other people will see your timeline, you can click the gear menu at the top of your timeline, and select View As… You’ll be able to preview how it appears to your friends or to the public.

Timeline - View As

Timeline View As Continued

When you are in your timeline, you may find out that there are going to be events that you would like to feature and  other times you’ll have stuff that you want to hide or remove from your timeline.

To feature a post or something else, click on the side of the post. Or click the pencil icon to edit, hide or delete a post.

Timeline Hide post

To control who sees which post, use the drop-down privacy menu to choose who can see a particular post. If you don’t want to share a post with anybody, just select Only Me option.

Timeline Privacy

Reviewing Facebook Timeline

The Activity Log is the new place to review everything in your timeline, from this present day to the day you started the Facebook account. And only you have access to it!

When you are in the Activity Log, you’ll notice 2 drop-down menus: the first one allows you to view and modify the privacy of a post. The second allows you to take action and decide if you are OK, letting the post to show up in the timeline. You are able to delete , hide or feature any of your posts.

With so much information to manage, you can find things some what quickly, by clicking the All drop-down menu in the right-hand corner, where you can select what you want to see. For example, view only posts, photos or apps.

Timeline - Activity Log

Facebook Timeline is available today

If you are one of those users that like the new Facebook, then you’ll be happy to know that you can get timeline right now. Just visit the Introducing Timeline page and click Get It Now. Or alternatively you can wait until you see the prompt at the top of your profile in the near future.

Let us know what are your thoughts about Facebook Timeline.

Introducing Timeline

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