Fibonacci Sequence in Nature Windows theme

Fibonacci Sequence in Nature theme for Windows (download)

Sometimes to have so many of the same thing could be counterproductive, but other times when you arrange those things in a sequence can just turn into something beautiful. That’s the case with this new free theme for Windows. The sequences found in nature become even more interesting when they’re captured with the camera of a talented photographer, specifically to be part of a collection like this.

You’ll find here the center of a sunflower, a very interesting pattern in a cauliflower, the unmistakable top of a pine cone, and other repeated shapes very appealing to your eyes.

Important: This theme is compatible with the Windows 10 Creators Update and later, as it’s only available in the Windows Store. While you can still download many themes from the web, Microsoft will soon be retiring the site, and it’ll make the themes only available in the Store.
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Fibonacci Sequence Nature wallpapers