File Explorer tabs get re-arrange support on Windows 11

Windows 11 preview receives an update that brings reorder of tabs in File Explorer.

Explorer tabs reorder
  • You can now re-arrange tabs in File Explorer.
  • The feature is available in the latest preview of Windows 11.
  • You still need to enable tabs manually in the Dev Channel.

It’d appear that the tabs feature in File Explorer is getting better on Windows 11. Recently, it’s been discovered that Microsoft is working on a version of the default file manager app that will include the ability to open folders and other locations in tabs like in the web browser.

An early preview of the feature was originally spotted on Windows 11 build 22572, and now, a new update is out that adds support to re-arrange tabs above the address bar, similar to the web browser experience. This action was not possible in the first preview of the support, which could suggest that Microsoft is more serious about bringing this support to users this time around.

However, the experience still needs work. For example, on build 22581, with the latest patch installed, it’s still not possible to drag out a tab to launch a new instance of File Explorer, and this might be one of the reasons the company hasn’t made the support officially available to testers.

File Explorer tabs re-arrange
File Explorer tabs re-arrange

If you are part of the Windows Insider Program, you can enable tabs in File Explorer with these steps.