Firefox 4.0 Beta 9 is available for download now!

This is a great news for Firefox lovers; Mozilla has released the latest Firefox 4 Beta 9. As you may know, Firefox has been working hard to release its new stable version and now they are getting closer to the final stages. In this new release there are not new features, but instead a lot of tweaks and bug fixes.

Highlights on what is new on Firefox 4 Beta 9:

In addition to the tweaks and bug fixes, the newest beta release of Firefox comes with a bonus and that is tabs in the title bar when the window is maximized, which is going to give you more viewable space in your daily browsing, really cool!

Firefox 4 Beta 9 - Tabs in the tittle bar

In other notes, there is a really good chance that Firefox 4 will release the final stable version sometime at the end of February, as this was mentioned in downloadsquad. But we still have about some other betas and release candidates (RC) before the final release.

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Source The Mozilla Blog