Fireworks New Year's 2020 theme

Fireworks on New Year’s theme for Windows 10 (download)

As 2020 is coming to an end and we will soon be welcoming 2021, it is now time to put some appropriate colors on your desktop with the “Fireworks on New Year’s” theme for Windows 10. This collection is available through the Microsoft Store, and it includes 16 images of fireworks displays from many cities around the world, including London, Tokyo, Singapore, Berlin, Montreal, Amsterdam, New York, and many more.

The theme is available at no extra cost for all Windows 10 users to set as background wallpaper only.

To install the Fireworks on New Year’s theme, use the download link below, click the Get button in the Microsoft Store, click the Apply button, and then select the wallpaper collection from the “Themes” settings page to apply it.

  • Fireworks on New Year’s theme | Download

Fireworks New Year's wallpaper sample

If the backgrounds rotate quickly, after applying the theme on Settings > Personalization > Background, use the Change picture every drop-down menu to adjust the image rotation frequency. You can find more great themes in the Themes and Wallpapers for Windows 10 section.