How to stop OneDrive blocking apps from registering Print Screen key on Windows 10, 11

OneDrive is probably getting in the way when another app wants to register the Print Screen key, and here's how to get around this issue on Windows.

OneDrive Print key conflict
OneDrive Print key conflict / Image: Mauro Huculak
  • To fix an app registering Print Screen key when OneDrive is running, open the OneDrive settings, and from the “Sync & backup” page, turn the “Save screenshots I capture to OneDrive” toggle switch “on” and “off,” and then change the shortcut settings in the other application.

If you use a third-party app to take screenshots on Windows 11 (or 10), you probably experienced the error message about the app being unable to register a keyboard shortcut using the “Print Screen” key because it’s already registered by OneDrive, even though you know the option is disabled in the file sync client.

The problem appears that OneDrive registers the Print Screen key to capture screenshots automatically during setup, even if you don’t enable the feature manually. However, if you encounter this error when trying to register the shortcut, you can use an easy workaround.

In this guide, I will teach you how to resolve the conflict that prevents third-party apps from registering the Print Screen key when OneDrive runs on Windows.

Fix problem registering Print Screen key with OneDrive

To configure OneDrive to allow third-party screenshot apps to register Print Screen shortcuts on Windows 10 or 11, use these steps:

  1. Click the OneDrive button in the Taskbar.

  2. Click the Help & Settings (gear) button from the top-right.

  3. Click the Settings option.

    Windows 11 open OneDrive settings

  4. Click on the Sync and Backup tab.

  5. Turn on the “Save screenshots I capture to OneDrive” toggle switch.

  6. Click the Help & Settings (gear) button from the top-right.

  7. Click the Pause syncing option.

  8. Click on Quick OneDrive.

  9. Confirm and close the app.

  10. Reopen the OneDrive app.

  11. Turn off the “Save screenshots I capture to OneDrive” toggle switch.

    Save screenshots I capture to OneDrive

  12. Open your preferred screenshot app.

  13. Configure the Print Screen key.

Once you complete the steps, you should be able to register the shortcut using the Print Screen button on the application without having OneDrive interfere.

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