F.lux adds night mode to Windows 10 to reduce eye strain, improve sleep quality

F.lux is a free app that changes the color temperature on your screen reducing eye strain and improves sleep quality on Windows 10.

F.lux for Windows 10

There are a lot of new features on Windows 10, but the ability to adjust your screen temperature to reduce eye strain when you spend long hours working on your computer at night is not one of them.

F.lux is an ingenious little app available for Windows 10, previous versions, Mac and even for Linux that adjust the color temperature of your display based on the time of the day.

As the sun sets, F.lux will apply warm colors and reduce the amount of blue your monitor emits that can disrupt your sleep patterns. These new settings help to reduce eye strain and improves sleep quality at night.

Downloading and using F.lux

F.lux is free to use and you can download from justgetflux. Once you install and launch the app for the first time, you’ll be prompted to enter your zip code to track the time in your location.

In addition, a new icon will appear in the notification area, which you can right-click to adjust the settings. For example, you can disable the F.lux until the sunrise or you can disable the app for an hour. You can change color temperature of the screen when F.lux is running, some of the available options include: Halogen (3400k), Fluorescent (4200k), and Sunlight (5000k).

F.lux settings for Windows 10
F.lux settings for Windows 10

And in the Settings page, you can manually adjust light for day and night, and you can change your location information.

F.lux is simple, for the most part, you’ll install it and use the default settings, but if the screen looks too orange at night, you’ll probably may want to change color temperature — I personally use 4200k.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft is working to bring a similar functionality to Windows 10 with the Creators Update. It doesn’t have an official name, but rumors suggest it’ll called “Blue Light”.

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