Microsoft offer: Free Office 365 up to 6 months for students


If you are a student and you’ve been wanting to give Office 365 a try, today is your lucky day. Because Microsoft is now offering up to 6 months of Office 365 University for free to all qualifying students who have an .edu email address.

This is how it works: Register here to get access to Microsoft Office 365 University with your .edu email address. This will get you 3 months of the service for free, plus an extra 20GB of SkyDrive cloud storage. Then share the promotion on Facebook, and you’ll obtain an extra 3 months of service. That simple!

For students and teachers, Microsoft’s newest offer is a bargain, considering that one license of Office 365 University runs for $79.99. But it does offer a four-year subscription and installs up to two PCs or Macs. Also this specific version of the suite includes all the same benefits of Office 365 Home Premium, 60 minutes of Skype every month, and 20GB additional online storage on SkyDrive.

This time around Microsoft is really trying to push consumers to get into the Office 365 subscription-based wagon and leave behind the standalone desktop version of the software. The software giant at first started by setting a lower price for subscriptions and limiting the options for those who opt for Office 2013 retail version. One of these restrictions was to tie the software license to only one PC, but after many complaints the folks at Redmond changed the controversial user agreement, which now allows users to transfer Office 2013 license to a new or replacement PC.

Source Office via Microsoft-News