Gmail brings ‘Unsubscribe’ button similar to Outlook’s option

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Starting this week, Gmail users will get a new “Unsubscribe” tool to make it a bit easier to get rid off spamming emails. The new “Unsubscribe” option appears in the top of the message, next to the sender’s email address, when Google believes it might be an unwanted message from promotional announcers or newsletter.

The best part about the new Unsubscribe mechanism is that clicking the link won’t take you through the usual marketers process, instead Google will send a request to the sender to remove your email address from their mailing list (just remember that the unsubscribe process can take up to three days to complete — until then you may see a few more emails).

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Another benefit of this new option is that users won’t have to hunt down the Unsubscribe link that often times is located in the footer of the message, which is confusing and unreadable. It’s important to note that Google won’t display the option from those messages Gmail detects are known to be from spammers, as this will only lead to more emails. You’ll go through the usual unsubscribe process for emails coming from good sources.

Outlook has it too

Although, this is a great feature to keep unwanted messages and newsletters from cluttering your inbox, Gmail isn’t the only email service that offers the feature; Outlook, the email service from Microsoft, also provides a similar feature. Though, it isn’t as obvious as Gmail, in the Unsubscribe option appears in the Actions menu on the top-right corner and at the footer of the message (Too many newsletters? You can unsubscribe.). What’s even more interesting about the option is that Outlook will also offer to delete any previous message or newsletter from your inbox.

Keep in mind that not every email you receive from marketers will offer the unsubscribe option in both services. Outlook, for example, will simply block sender’s email address, if it didn’t find a way to unsubscribe.

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