Google announces Bard AI chatbot to compete with ChatGPT

Google is ready to compete with ChatGPT with its own chatbot, Bard.

Google Bard AI
  • Google announces its chatbot called Bard.
  • This is an experimental conversational AI powered by LaMDA similar to ChatGPT.
  • The company is also expected to hold a media event on February 8 to talk more about AI.

Google is set to hold a media event on February 8 at 8:30AM ET to announce Bard, the answer to ChatGPT. Unlike the Microsoft event on February 7, this one will be streamed on YouTube.

According to the official announcement, Google describes the project as an “experimental conversational AI” powered by the company’s Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA) that offers answers in a conversational format. The company also says that the technology is already available for a limited group, but Bard will become more open to the public in the coming weeks.

Although it’s unclear how the chatbot works, the announcement claims it’ll help spark creativity and curiosity and to help explain to children complex topics like “NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope.”

Also, the company says that Bard will use the information on the internet to provide high-quality and fresh answers.

Since Bard, ChatGPT, and similar technologies are still in their infancy, the answers are not expected to be accurate every time. Google even says it’ll use external feedback and internal testing to improve the Bard responses over time to be more accurate and safe.

This is not the first time that Google will use AI in its products. For many years, the company has been using this technology, for example, in search to summarize search results and answer questions without even having to open a web page.

While the February 8 event is expected to be about Bard primarily, the event will also include other talks about AI.