Google Chrome 18 available now with better graphics capabilities [Download]

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Download Google Chrome 18 stable now. The search giant, keeping with the six-week release schedule, made available a new version of its very popular web browser software and this time it brings enhancements to the graphics performance.

Version 18 enables a stable GPU acceleration for Canvas 2D — HTML5 graphic elements –. Google is sure that this new feature will improve web browser gaming and app performance in a big way, while not putting a lot of load into the CPU.

Google Chrome 18 also brings 3D capabilities to older computer hardware with SwiftShader, a software rasterized licensed from TransGaming, for users with older configurations.

If you are already a Google Chrome user, the browser should soon prompt you to install the latest version, but in the case you are new to Google Chrome, you can grab the download link below.

Download link

Source The Chromium Blog