How to send SMS texts using Cortana from your Windows 10 PC

Here's how sending texts messages from your PC to a phone works in Windows 10, and what you need to know to send your first SMS text using Cortana.

Cortana Windows phone 8.1

The point of Windows 10 is to have a single core operating system that runs on PCs, tablets, phones, and Xbox, and while there is still a long way to go until the unification is complete, Microsoft is now releasing a preview build of Windows 10 Mobile that allows Cortana to send texts from your PC to a phone.

Starting Windows 10 Mobile build 10572 and later, Cortana will be able to let you know of any missed calls, and you can reply to the missed call or send a new text message to a phone very quickly from your Windows 10 PC running build 10565 or later.

It’s important to note that the text you send will actually be sent through your phone, which answers the previous question whether you’ll need a phone to send text messages. While this might be an inconvenience for some users, it’s a great solution as there is not any sort of integration that needs to happen with your cellular carrier and you will not have to pay any extra money.

How to send SMS texts using Cortana

  1. Open Cortana.

  2. Type or say: Send text, followed the name of your contact’s list, and enter the message.

  3. Click Send to complete the task.

    Cortana text

Cortana will now take your message, send it to your phone, and from your mobile device, the message will be sent to the recipient like with any other SMS text.

For the integration to work, you must be using the same Microsoft Account in your Windows 10 PC and on your phone, which allows Cortana to talk to these devices and do the task.

How to disable notifications

Cortana will always try to notify you about missed calls, but if you don’t want to get notified, you will need to go to Cortana’s Notebook in your PC, and then from Settings, find and toggle “Missed call notifications” to off to stop notifications. This process is per PC, not per account, as such you need to do the same process on each computer you don’t want to get missed call notifications.

Cortana missed call settings

If you don’t want Cortana to notify you about missed calls on any computer, you can go to Cortana’s Notebook in your Phone, and then from Settings, find and toggle the “Missed call notifications” to off to stop notifications.

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