How to add website shortcut to the Start screen in Windows 8

Add website shortcut to Start

The action to add a website shortcut to the new Start screen, Microsoft calls it: Pinning. Now, to Pin your favorites web pages is actually something pretty simple to do, just follow the steps below.


1. While in Internet Explorer 10 app in Windows 8, navigate to your favorite website. If you don’t see the address bar, simply right-click anywhere in the screen and the app commands will be revealed. With touch, just swipe from top.

2. Next, from the address bar, click the pin icon and from the menu, click Pin to Start. Also note that with the same action you can bookmark the web page with the second option: Add to favorites.

Pin options IE10

3. Finally edit the name of the “shortcut” or Pin and click again Pin to Start.

Win8 Pin to Start

That’s all there is to it. Now go back to the Start screen and your newly pinned site should be there.

Windows 8 Website shortcut Start screen