How to extract Wallpapers from a Windows 7 Theme

Ever wondered how to extract all the beautiful wallpapers that are in a Windows 7 Theme or where they are located after you install one of them? Today you are going to learn a little trick on how to extract wallpapers from a Windows 7 Theme plus, if you already installed a theme, you can locate the wallpapers in the folder installation.

Extracting Wallpapers from a Windows 7 Theme

1.  When you download or create a Windows 7 Theme the installation file would be theme-name.themepack. Knowing that the first thing you are going to do is to right-click the theme-name.themepack, select Rename, and change the extension name from .themepack to .zip. When you are asked that if you change the extension, the file might become unusable, just click Yes.

Note: If you cannot see the file extension, we got you covered with this article How to show file extension in Windows

2.  Open the file with Microsoft Windows zip feature or with any zip application that you like to use. Once open, inside you will see all the files that make up a Windows 7 Theme along with all the wallpapers, from here you can now select all the .jpg, .png or any other image file extension and extract them to any folder you want.

Inside of a Windows 7 Theme

There is another way to get the wallpapers, and that is if you already installed a Windows 7 Theme you can just locate them in the theme installation folder.

1.  Right-click on the Windows 7 desktop, select Personalize, and click on Desktop Background.

2.  Where all the wallpapers are displayed, right at the top of the box there is path, this is the path to where all the wallpapers are located; to copy it right-click on it and select Properties.

Theme - Wallpaper properties

3.  In the General tab select and copy the path in the location: field, right-click the selection and choose Copy.

Theme - Wallpaper path

4.  Next, open the Run command by using the shortcut  Win Key + R, paste the path and press Enter.

Pasting path on Run

The folder with all the wallpapers will open and you can copy them anywhere you like. That easy!